Instant Cloud PC Online Emulator – Play Console Games


Instant Cloud Computer is a cloud game box application software. Users can experience various types of cloud games through Instant Cloud Computer. “Install” computer games into your mobile phone and become your handheld gaming internet cafe. More convenient and fast game experience, so that you can become a game master.

  • Cloud mobile phone function: The mobile phone becomes a computer, and the mobile phone and tablet are connected to the Internet to control the computer desktop located in the remote cloud, and the mobile phone can also perform computer office work.
  • Handheld cloud gaming Internet cafe: high-definition picture, smooth cloud computer experience of Bukadon. Low-profile mobile phones with Internet access can enjoy the popular 3A masterpieces.
  • Black technology of cloud games: no download, no installation, no memory consumption, cloud games start in seconds, mobile phone virtual keyboard, fast games, one step ahead.
  • Popular game recommendation: According to the user’s preferences, recommend high-quality games. Whether it’s a popular game on steam (Two Players, Jelly Bean, Nonsense Kitchen, Migu Migu, Eat Chicken, etc.), or a classic game (GTA5, Sekiro, Genting Game, Assassin’s Creed, Cyberpunk), Or mobile games, console games, 3A masterpieces, etc., collect a little love, and quickly locate the games you are interested in when the game is in short

Instant Cloud Computer provides free experience activities for new cloud game players, as well as daily free time to sign in, and is committed to better game experience services.

Developer Details: Central Broadcasting Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Platform: Android
Version Information: 1.3.3
Last Update: 2022-07-15