Chikki Emulator For Android | Play PC Games On Mobile


PC Cloud Game Group, You can play games anytime & anywhere. Map the PC game masterpiece to the touch screen. No computer or PS4 required!

Chikii is a good cloud gaming community, better than Stadia. We have the most to build the best game user group in the world, Chikii engine supports all games, there will be many players sharing their console and PC, you can play their games.

GTA5, Naturo Storm 4, Jump Force, Witcher Ⅲ, Just Cause 3, NBA 2K19, Hitman Absolution, Fifa 19, Dead by Daylight.

Chikii supports the handle keyboard to operate the game, bringing you real gaming fun. Preset button configuration for all games, Support archive function, let you continue the game without interruption.

Due to Chikii’s working mechanism, some permissions are required, and we guarantee that Chikii will not abuse these permissions! Choose Chikii to start a new PC game experience!!!!