Drive Zone Online: Car Race APK Android


Drive Zone Online is an open-world online driving game with excellent graphics. In Drive Zone Online, you can move freely on the map and choose the missions you want to complete.In the beginning, the races may be a bit unfair, as you’ll likely be driving slower cars than your rivals. However, as you participate in races, you’ll level up and unlock new vehicles you can use to win. Up to six different players can join in the online races. The starting position of each race is randomly assigned.

The Drive Zone Online cars have been designed based on real models. That said, the names and logos of the cars are changed, although each model is easily recognizable, as it’s identical to the real one.

In addition to online competitions, you can also play in single-player mode. In it, you can also tune and modify all your cars according to your preferences.
So if you’re looking for a car game where you can race online, or you just want to drive around aimlessly in an open world with excellent graphics, don’t hesitate to download the Drive Zone Online APK.

  • Developer Details: Jet Games FZ-LLC
  • Game Size: 1GB
  • Version Information: 0.5.0