GTA San Andreas NXT Gen Ultra Realistic GTA V MODPACK!


Cursed Modding

Credits: Rizky aldiansyah, M akmarullah, chyfle 25, Ezekiel, MVM productions, illegal Province Productions, Hysen, ReZa, TLOG, Maragaku, Muhammad Rafli.

Thank you to all the authors for providing such quality mods~

Mod Type: High Graphics And Next Level Vision For High end Devices


Tested on Black Shark 2, Poco X3 Pro

Software: Android 9, 11

Ram: 8GB, 6GB

Rom: 128GB, 128GB

Processor: Snapdragon 845, 860

GPU: Adreno 640, 640


  • GTA IV Retexture
  • GTA V HUD & Abilities
  • Road puddles
  • GTA V houses
  • Vegetation Oblivion
  • GTA V Skins & Player.img
  • 25+ High quality Cars
  • (18+) HQ Prostitute Skins
  • Insanity Grass & Mapping
  • GTA 5 timecyc & colorcyc
  • GTA 5 Police Skin
  • High quality Police & taxi Cars
  • High quality Graphic Effects
  • 2DFX
  • Insanity Overdose
  • Insanity Sounds
  • 4 times Skybox ( no SAAexten )
  • GTA V Apartment
  • GTA V Interactive Phone
  • High Quality Night Lights ( full LS )
  • New HD Weapons


Download & Extract The Zip File In Your Using Folder.


Copy & paste “com.rockstargames.gtasa” Folder In Following Pathway:

Phone Storage > Android > data *paste here In data folder*

After Pasting Game data Go To The Game folder > files > Texdb

First Go To gta3 Folder And Rename All The dxt Files To Your GPU Codename Accordingly


Go To Playstore & download CPU Z App. After downloading open the app and Go To SOC section. Look At The 3rd Option From The Bottom Named as “GPU Renderer

If It Shows “mali” then Cut “dxt” In Your File Name and Add “etc”

If It Shows Power VR Then Rename It To “pvr”

If It Shows Adreno Then You Don’t Have To Rename Anything. After Renaming Gta3 Files Rename TXD Folder Files as Well Similarly.

After That You’re All Done And Set To Play And Enjoy The High Quality Modpack experience.


  • Android 4 or Above
  • Adreno 400 or Above
  • Snapdragon 600 or Above
  • Above 2GB Ram
  • 2GB Of Free Storage
  • GTA SA Original Or Lite ( works on both )
  • GTA SA Apk Version 1.08 or 2.0 ( works on both )

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